Nomcebo Gumede as Mumsy The latest member to join the Uzalo family might just be the girl for Mastermind.

Now we'll be honest, the first time mumsy appeared on Uzalo we disliked her, but now she's literally become one of our favourites, not above GC of course, he's our number one.

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Uzalo is the number one watched drama in Mzansi right now with a viewership of over 8 million and by bringing on board a Swati and Sotho character with the hopes of reaching an even wider audience, we have no doubt that the viewership will increase in due time.

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With Mumsy Being pastor Mdletshe’s daughter this means she's Mxoilisi’s sister and Mxolisi and Mastermind are best friends.

Dating your best friend's sister is usually a sticky situation but it's even worse when the friend is a criminal and the neighborhood player.

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Their romance is clearly blossoming with each episode and maybe, just maybe, Mumsy will be the girl to make Mastermind rethink his life since Thobile couldn't.
We’re slowly warming up to her character whether it is the way she talks, her dramatic chockers and her faux dread mohawk or how she’s head over heels for Mastermind, she’s just a beauty