Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training‚ Mduduzi Manana‚ has admitted to slapping a woman in a club in Fourways, north of Johannesburg.
In a recording obtained by TimesLIVE, Manana can be heard speaking to Phesheya Duma, the brother of Mandisa Duma.

Mandisa Duma earlier told TimesLIVE that she and two other women were hit by Manana and his friends after a debate about who should replace President Jacob Zuma in December turned sour.

“He (Manana) felt strongly about Cyril Ramaphosa and we felt strongly about another candidate. He started getting angry and wanted to make a speech‚” Duma said.
Cubana in Cedar Square‚ Fourways.
Image: Neo Goba

Duma‚ who was accompanied by her female cousin and a friend‚ claimed she was with Manana and his four friends inside the then already closed Cubana in Cedar Square‚ Fourways in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Duma said her cousin took out a cellphone and tried to record Manana who was making his point on the debate before all hell broke loose.

“His (Manana’s) friend said that she must stop taking the video. Manana then ordered my cousin to stop taking the video. He then flipped and said: ‘In fact‚ who are you people and why are you here?’ and ordered us to leave.”

She alleged as they were walking out‚ Manana slapped her cousin across the face before also turning on her in the parking lot.

Duma posted pictures of her sporting a black eye‚ swollen face‚ bruised knees and neck on social media yesterday‚ tagging the Sunday Times newspaper and Police Minister Fikile Mbalula’s Twitter accounts in her posts, which were shared by several other users.
Mandisa Duma shows her bruises after the alleged altercation.

In the recording, Manana confirmed the incident, saying he slapped one of the women Duma. He admits this twice, speaking in isiZulu.

He denied following the women to the parking area of Cubana.

“There was a confrontation and a fight but the people who hit them were the guys I was travelling. When they got to the parking area they (the men) hit them,” he said.

Phesheya Duma, who made the recording, confirmed its authenticity but said he was unhappy with its publication.

In the recording Phesheya Duma threatens Manana, saying he could easily find out where he lives.

“I was obviously very angry. What is important is what he did,” he told TimesLIVE.

He added that the family was “letting the law takes its processes”.

Manana initially responded to a call from TimesLIVE but when the call was cut he did not answer further calls and texts.

Mbalula confirmed that the incident took place but said he was “still gathering facts” about it. He said Manana would not be given special treatment.