Idols SA runner-up Thami Shobede is grateful to have narrowly escaped with his life after a unknown man opened fire on the car he was traveling in during an apparent road rage incident.

The incident took place on Sunday night at the corner of Main and Fox streets in Maboneng, Johannesburg after Thami and his friends halted at a stop sign.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Thami described the incident as a scene from a bad movie.

“I can’t even describe what I felt. I was in complete shock. It was like I was living out a bad scene from a bad movie,” he said.

Thami explained that they were at the stop sign when his friend noticed that he was over the line, so decided to reverse a bit.

“My friend realised that there was a car behind him so immediately stopped rolling. However the driver of the other car jumped out and began banging on our window. It wasn’t even an altercation or argument, but when I looked back I just saw this guy pull out a gun and start shooting,” he said.

Thami added that even though they sped off immediately the car was riddled with five or six bullet holes.

“When I looked at pictures of the car yesterday, I was in complete shock again because there are some real angry people out there who can just take your life over something something like this,” he added.

They opened a case with police shortly after the incident.

Times Live