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“I Know How To Sing,” 23 Year old Babes Wodumo Plans To Prove Haters With Her Vocal

“I Know How To Sing,” Babes Wodumo Plans To Prove Haters With Her Vocals! Babes say people say she can’t sing and don’t know how good she is as a singer because of the genre of her music.

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In a recent interview on Metro FM, Babes shared how she wants to show her haters she’s Babes of many talents.

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“People must also expect great music from me. Also I am called “the babes of fame” because I am a model, an actor and a singer. I know how to sing, people don’t know that I am capable but they will see soon,” she said.

Babes also let it be known that she is an intelligent young lady killing it in showbiz. ” I am very intelligent and people that work with me know. I mean, I am 23 but I am doing great things and handling my things, that should inform people of my intellectual capacity.”