A restaurant has come under fire for holding a promotion aimed at giving discounts to women with larger breasts.

Trendy Shrimp sparked complaints from locals to the council when a sign appearing outside the establishment advertised lower prices for women with bigger cup sizes.

The poster in a mall in Hangzhou, China, shows cartoon versions of women with varying chest sizes alongside the tagline: "The whole city is looking for BREASTS".

A price list on the right hand side shows that women with an A cup bra get a 5% discount on their meal, whereas women who wear a G cup get a 65% discount.

The sliding scale in between shows the discount increase in correlation with breast size increase.\

(Image: AsiaWire)

Women were to claim their discounts from female waitresses to avoid the embarrassment of dealing with male staff.

The Qianjiang Evening News reports that one angry woman, known only as Ms. Zhu, complained about the poster saying: "This content has been involved in vulgar advertising. In addition, I think it is discrimination against women.

According to the BBC, the posters first appeared on August 1 and have since been removed following the backlash.

Trendy Shrimp general manager Lan Shenggang cancelled the promotion after receiving a phonecall from head office, the Qianjiang Evening News reports.

He admitted there had been some negative comments but this was normal among the older generation, insisting that young people found it fun.

Lan Shenggang added that other businesses had made "malicious" comments.

Defending the promotion, he insisted that "customer numbers rose by about 20%" and saying: "Some of the girls we met were very proud - they had nothing to hide".