Wednesday night’s episode might’ve been funny but it definitely had a great message behind it.

On last night’s episode, GC’s parents went looking for him after the lobola negotiations that took place Monday night.

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Not only were GC’s parents not present to negotiate on his behalf, but they don’t even know that he’s gay. Yes, you read correct, GC’s parent’s do not know that he is a homos_exual man, living a fabulous life amongst his friends.

Viewers were taken aback when GC ran for his life when he realized that it was his parents who were entering the salon he works in. Luckily, he saw them before they did and dashed into the next room to change from his fabulous clothes to clothes we’re not used to seeing him wearing.

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His parents were welcomed by Thobile and Jojo who were shocked when GC came to greet his parents dressed as a straight man and talking in a manner which is definitely out of GC’s character.

GC had removed all his makeup and fabulousness and left no evidence that he even had makeup on.

He definitely looks out of character in these clothes. You can see how uncomfortable he looks here.

With stars like Khaya Dladla and Somizi who are very open about their s_exuality, the idea of homos_exuality for some is starting to become something that is less taboo to the outside community. But what Uzalo has taught us as well is that some gay people are way more accepted by the outside community rather than by their family members.

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Such situations have led people to flee their homes and live with friends or lovers and some have been pushed to even live double lives.

Hopefully, GC remains true to himself and reveal his true identity to his parents, although we highly doubt that his parents do not know that GC is a gay man.