A video has surfaced on social media showing a South African tourist being pushed down a flight of stairs by a man in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Zanele Muholi‚ a South African photographer‚ posted the video on her Instagram page and claimed that it was a racist act.

“One of my friends and Inkanyiso crew members was pushed down stairs by the Airbnb owner where we stayed. He threw their belongings out ... for a few minutes' late checkout. She collapsed and ended up in hospital. She suffered internal injuries and bruises. Am so angry with this I couldn't even sleep. This is racism and can't be justified ... violence on black bodies as you can see in this video‚” she wrote.

Muholi could not be immediately reached for comment.

In the footage‚ two women can be seen talking to the man and telling him to not be emotional and questioning why he is searching through their belongings.

He is seen pushing the one woman against a wall, saying: “Out now.” Shortly thereafter he is seen forcefully pushing her, and she falls down the stairs.

The man runs down the stairs and asks them to call an ambulance. One woman screams “Oh my God” repeatedly while sobbing.

According to a Netherlands news website‚ NL Times‚ the man‚ a 47-year-old from Amsterdam‚ was arrested.

According to the newspaper‚ the four women had to be out of the home by 11am‚ but were still there by 12.30pm.

Another Netherlands news outlet‚ 9News‚ reported that the woman had been discharged from hospital with minor injuries.

David King‚ Airbnb's director of diversity and belonging‚ said he and the company's CEO Brian Chesky were trying to contact the affected guests.

"We will take the strongest actions we can against such abhorrent conduct‚ including banning people for life from our platform and assisting law enforcement with their investigation and potential prosecution‚" said King.

"Nobody should ever be treated like this and it will not be tolerated."

Debate on social media centred on whether the incident was indeed a racist quarrel.