Warren Masemola Opens Up About His Girlfriend! The actor often stays mum o his private life allowing only his career to take centre stage. The SAFTA winning actor recently shared a few details about his love life without disclosing who the special woman is.

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Warren shared that he loves love. In his relationship and outside of his relationship. “I believe with love in abundance we can conquer a lot because there is love in abundance in the world so if we just focus on that and cut out the negativity we’ll succeed,” he shared.

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“She’s funny man, apart from also being a Taurean, she’s really funny, she teaches me a lot. She always gives me the language reference of Sepedi because growing up in Pretoria we speak ‘Pitori’ so every time I talk to her or her family I always have to go back to Sepedi and speak properly.

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“She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, I cry with her, I celebrate with her and yeah, she’s a smile keeper.” he said on his girlfriend.