SHE saw her private number doing the rounds on social media.

And Uyanda Mbuli lost her cool . . .


Joyce who? SunReaders with long memories will recall her almost forgotten claim to fame – Joyce Omphemetse Molamu was allegedly “blessed” by Minister Fikile Mbalula nearly six years ago.

Now, Joyce is back in the headlines, as TV presenter Uyanda’s lawyers close in on her. There’s also a Crimen Injuria (a wilful injury to someone’s dignity, caused by the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gestures)charge brewing, which Uyanda laid at Midrand Police Station. The cause of all the trouble is a WhatsApp screenshot containing Uyanda’s private number – which went viral on social media.

Uyanda freaked out when she became aware of this gross invasion of her privacy.

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And she traced the screenshot to Joyce’s Facebook page. Joyce is a young ladys who is well-known in Jozi night clubs.

Sources close to the situation say Uyanda returned from Dubai, London and Paris, where she was filming the second season of her reality show,
Uyanda, It’s On, and discovered that her number was circulating.

A source close to Joyce said Uyanda was just one of the many high-profile people her friend had targeted over the years.

“Her list includes a number of high-profile men, mainly politicians and businessmen,” claimed the source.

Another source said cops went looking for Joyce after the Crimen Injuria charge was laid. But they couldn’t find her.

One cop called the party girl, who allegedly told him she was attending a funeral.

An affidavit filed by Uyanda revealed that Joyce sent her the screenshot she made public – and claimed she did it to hit back at her.

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According to the affidavit, Joyce accused Uyanda of asking her man for money. But Uyanda stated that the guy was her homeboy – whom she had helped financially to save his house and car from the repo men.

Joyce allegedly replied in a WhatsApp, saying: “Correction – his house was auctioned, he still has his M4 that he hasn’t paid for three months.”

She then posted a Facebook message, which said: “Somebody must get Uyanda Mbuli a blesser so she can stop asking our men for money.”

And Joyce then added Uyanda’s private cellphone number.

Uyanda stated in her police document that this was: “. . . calculated to grossly impair my right to human dignity with content, which was malicious, extremely defamatory, humiliating to her.”

And that Joyce had committed an intentional act of Crimen Injuria.

Uyanda wrote that she had never met Joyce until she contacted her about the screenshots. She stated that Joyce had directly insulted her in a string of WhatsApp messages, had called her “a stupid bitch” and had released Uyanda’s private cellphone number to the public domain.

This, according to Uyanda, had caused her to endure abuse, insults and stalking from people who’ve had a field day, using this number for all sorts of unlawful reasons.

Joyce rose to fame when she claimed to have been impregnated by Mbalula. She was later featured in newspapers after leaking nude pictures.

Uyanda refused to comment, and referred the SunTeam to her lawyers, Popo Masilo and Calvin Maile.

Popo of Masilo Attorneys confirmed his client opened a case of Crimen Injuria against Molalu. He said: they have also sends a letter of demands to her. “We sent a letter demanding a written apology for infringment to the right of dignity of our client. We’re also contemplating a lawsuit.”

When asked to comment, Joyce said: “This matter is Sub Judice, I can’t comment at this stage.”