Award-winning R&B chanteuse Cici may not be able to make babies after she was allegedly strangled and dragged on a hard surface by her ex-boyfriend Arthur Mafokate in two separate domestic violence incidents.
In the first incident, Cici, born Busisiwe Twala, allegedly bled from her vagina, and broke her pelvic bones in the second and latest assault.

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She then broke up with Mafokate, returned his car and moved out of their Midrand love nest after she was hospitalised and her broken pelvic bones operated on following the June incident.

The singer, 30, is living at a secret location in Joburg where she is recuperating under the care of her mother and sister.

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Mafokate allegedly threatened to commit suicide after the Runaway hitmaker kicked him to the curb and opened a case of assault against him.

She has also left his record label, 999 Music, and has joined hip-hop powerhouse Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Mafokate also opened a case of malicious damage to property against the songstress.

The two are due to appear in the Midrand Magistrate’s Court in August.

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NPA spokeswoman Phindi Louw confirmed that two court dates had been issued for Mafokate and for Cici.

“The docket was sent back to the police for further investigations. Upon return, Mafokate was given a court date for August 4 and Busisiwe August 7. They will both appear on assault charges against each other,” she said.

Mafokate requested written questions to be sent to him via SMS but had not responded at the time of going to print. Instead, he posted the questions on his Instagram page.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday World from Ambitiouz Entertainment studios in Midrand this week, Cici broke down when she related how the kwaito king had allegedly abused her since they started dating.

She said she met Mafokate in 2015 at an event in Newtown, Joburg, and joined his record label later as an artist.

Cici said she hit it off with Mafokate after she broke up with her medical doctor fiancé.

“We became more close afterwards as he would confide in me about the things he said his then girlfriend Chomee did to him. We then hit it off around April last year,” she said.

Cici said she moved out of the home she shared with her ex- fiancé and moved in with Mafokate.

“Arthur said I should move in with him as a temporary arrangement while I was looking for a place of my own,” she said.

She said all was hunky-dory until July last year when he allegedly strangled and dragged her on the floor after a fight over a cellphone.

“We were sitting at home and I asked him to give me his phone to as I was suspicious of the way he was interacting with it. He refused and we got into an altercation which led to him choking me and dragging me out of the bedroom.

“As we approached the staircase I kicked against the railing of the staircase to try and free myself. We then tumbled down the stairs and when he got up, he chokked me again and dragged me into the guest room.

“The only time he stopped choking me was when I started bleeding from my private part. I was feeling very weak at the time. He went out and just left me there on the floor,” she said.

Cici said she packed her bags after the incident and flew back to her parental home in Durban.

However, the two rekindled their dalliance after Mafokate allegedly phoned and apologised.

She also alleged that she suffered emotional abuse from Mafokate after they got back together.

“He would tell me that without him I amount to nothing and he might take back what he has given to me.

“Sometimes when I go out with friends, he would constantly call to check on me and ask who I was with. When I told him who I was with he would call those people and check if indeed they were with me and what they were doing with me.

“As a result I withdrew from socialising with people and lost friends,” she said, wiping away tears.

She further alleged that they constantly fought over money. “I wouldn’t get royalties for my album, radio and television airplay. So, when he announced that he was quitting the music industry and he would release all his artists from their contracts, I asked him to give me my clearance and I joined Ambitiouz,” she said.

Cici said the last straw was when she broke her pelvic bone after he allegedly dragged her for about 300 metres with his car.

She said this incident followed her attempts to leave his home after dumping him.

She said that Mafokate returned after about 20 minutes and found her still lying on the floor bleeding.

“He tried to pick me up but I told him to stop because I was hurt. I asked him to give me his cellphone so I could call my mom but he refused. After a few minutes the police arrived and his workers, Brian and another guy, arrived and took me to hospital because the ambulance they organised took too long to arrive,” she said.

She said she was admitted at the Waterfall Hospital in Midrand where the doctors told her that her pelvic bones were broken.

“He came to see me two days after I was admitted and threatened to kill himself. He said his enemies would laugh at him about what happened. I asked him if that was his main concern when I was in hospital with unbearable pain. I told him not to kill himself because he has kids to raise.

“I told him to leave and never visit me in hospital again as I wanted nothing to do with him,” she said.

Cici said her world crumbled when the doctor told her that she might not be able to bear children.

“He said during pregnancy the child sits on the pelvic bones and because mine were broken and had screws in them, I may never be able to have children.”

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