Nomzamo Mbatha Involved In Car Crash Drama! A man who goes by the name of Lucky Leshika took to Facebook to lash out at the actress whom he says was at fault when their cars collided back in March.

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“I just want people to know how heartless you are. You destroyed something I worked very hard for even though it is not fancy but that’s what I can afford, today I’m taking taxis to go to work because of you… well congrats because you just destroyed something that I had after you tell me that I have to take a loan so that I can fix my car How heartless you are Nomzamo Mbatha,” he wrote on Facebook.

Check out photos from the scene where you can also see Nomzamo’s boyfriend Maps.

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In response, Nomzamo’s camp released the following statement.
“The sad reality is that people are out here to extort and it’s such a sad thing because Nomzamo lost her phone that has all the evidence and communication with this guy. The accident happened by Viacom and people saw that he was at fault. Secondly, they (Lucky) rushed and left the scene, they exchanged numbers but they did not wait for the police.

After the incident, Nomzamo then got in touch with the guy on Saturday, when she got the case number, which she sent to him and also advised him to go to the police station with it. Instead, he came back expressing that he did not have insurance, Nomzamo then explained that it was fine that he didn’t have insurance as there was an investigation that needed to take place and then the insurance would deal with it afterward.”
“We are dealing with a person who was out to extort, who was harassing, but even then Nomzamo dealt with him in a very lady-like manner. Even the insurance people tried to call him but he just doesn’t go to the police station. He didn’t follow up and why is she supposed to pay him? The insurance even closed the investigation because he never went to the police station. He would ask Nomzamo to lend him R1000 and then the next thing he was like ‘You have to pay me I don’t have a car, hire me a car. Nomzamo declined and continued to ask the guy to go to the police station so the situation could be handled in an appropriate manner.”

“There was a case, a case number, he never followed up instead all he did was to keep harassing, asking to borrow a R1000 and then demanding that she pays him every time he was told to go to the police station.”