GRIZELDA Grootboom shares her nightmare of being sold into sex slavery.

She grew up on the street of Woodstock Cape Town, living in a shelter from the age of eight.

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At the age 18 she had to leave the shelter, as she was considered to be old enough to look after herself.

This is where the terrifying story began.

She contacted her trusted friend who was studying in Joburg and she promised her a job.

Soon after that she boarded a train to the city of gold, Joburg.
Her journey was filled with hopes and dreams but it all came crashing down.

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The friend she trusted betrayed her and sold her to a human trafficking syndicate.

In the video below she explains how she reached the final straw in her life of slavery and refused to service a client for the human traffickers.

Grizelda has since published a book about her life story, titled: EXIT!

It's the story of her life of prostitution and her ultimate escape from it all.

She currently works as an activist against human trafficking at Embrace Dignity, an NPO based in Cape Town.

She supports fellow survivors undergoing rehabilitation.

The organisation is part of a growing global movement working to restore dignity for all and public education to address commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.