An email allegedly sent by a MiWay Insuranceemployee, calling for the punishment of black people by rejecting 90% of their claims, has been circulating on social media today.

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The email sent by Aarthi Roopnarain appears to be a summary of a meeting held by the MiWay Insurance managers.

The email reads as follows: "The final decision is to reject 90% of claims made by black people as from 1 August 2017. They are an easy target, it's also a great opportunity to save money and also punish these black baboons."

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In response to the leaked email, MiWay Insurance tweeted: "Oh no! Please be assured that this is certainly not the MiWay way - in any way! We will look into this immediately and give feedback."

However MiWay CEO, René Otto said in a statement: "MiWay is a proudly South African company committed to diversity and transparency. We have been made aware of a racist email purported to have been written and sent by a member of staff. An urgent investigation was launched and we can confirm that the email with its content was never sent from a MiWay employee."

Otto went on to say there was also no such meeting that took place or decision to this effect.

"We are tracing the source of this fake content on social media and will take strong and appropriate action against anyone using our brand to disseminate offensive and derogatory comments." said Otto.