Here’s Why Bonang Threw Her Birthday Bash On Kairo’s Birthday! Social media slammed Bonang this past weekend for throwing a birthday bash on Kairo’s actual birthday the 8th of July.

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Turns out it wasn’t the date Bonang had set up for her birthday bash but the previous weekend which was the Durban July weekend. Bonang apparently wanted her boyfriend AKA [who had a gig in Durban] to be there for her special day.

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“He was working at the Durban July (a week before my party) and I just had to have him there (at my party),” she said.

You can expect to see Bonang’s boyfriend rapper AKA on her show and them being just another ‘normal couple’.

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What the reality show is going to show is that we are simple people who wake up and do the same things as everyone else. What we do just happens to put a smile on people’s faces,” Bonang said.