After it came to the public's attention that Queen Twerk, real name Faith Nketsi was stabbed in the face with a broken bottle, socialites and social media as a whole were shocked at the violent act against the socialite and video vixen.

According to gossip mongers in the industry, Queen Twerk was stabbed by a female acquaintance who is also rumored to be a close friend of hers.

The altercation first began as a verbal attack then escalated into a physical brawl which led to drinks getting thrown all over the place and a piece of the broken bottle cutting Queen Twerk's face.

Queen Twerk attempted to stop the broken bottle now turned weapon from landing on her face, but it cut her hand as well, hence the white band-aid on her had as seen in her recent video.

It's rumored that the fight broke out because of business related matters between Queen Twerk and the "friend" who is supposedly jealous over the many gigs Queen Twerk has managed get lately.

Queen Twerk's feature on Cassper Nyovest's Tito Mboweni video is said to be the last straw that pushed the alleged friend over the edge.

So your friend features on one of the most talked about hip hop videos in the country and then you decide to stab her? Jealousy is one nasty mofo.

Sources close to Queen Twerk have mentioned the video vixen is disappointed at what went down and does not think her face will ever be the same again, however, she is confident that she will bounce back like nothing ever happened.

But with an Instagram page like Queen Twerk's we would also be jealous, but not enough to go around butchering people's faces.

Because of this incident we have a feeling Queen Twerk is about to make some people envy her even more.

From flying on private jets...

To enjoying trips to L.A and posing next to expensive cars.

Some of us will just have to be strong. Askies Queen Twerk, we hope you'll bounce back real quick.