The Anglican Chaplain for Uganda’s parliament, Reverend Canon Christine Shimanya, has reportedly urged Christians to give their regular offerings in dollars and pounds.

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According to Daily Monitor, Shimanya said this while delivering her sermon at the Namugongo Martyrs Church of Uganda.
“Some Christians have dollars and pounds earned from international conferences; instead they change the money to Shillings before bringing it to church as offertory. Bring those dollars and pounds, God needs the, Simanya was quoted as saying.

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She was supported by another clergyman Canon Henry Ssegawa, who said that the church needed money with higher purchasing power.
This came amid reports that one Ugandan pastor landed himself in hot water after he set a pile of bibles on fire in April.
According to All, the renowned city pastor, Aloysius Bugingo, of the House of Prayer Ministries International was summoned to court to defend himself on why he set the bibles on fire.

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The celebrated preacher allegedly burned Bibles of King James Version (KJV) and Good News version which he collected from his 6 000-strong flocks on Easter Sunday.
He reportedly burnt the Bible versions because they contained the words ‘Holy Ghost’ as opposed to ‘Holy Spirit’.