'This isn't Africa': What Airbnb landlord allegedly told South African filmmaker as he pushed her down stairs in late checkout dispute

  • Viral video shows South African filmmaker Sibahle 'Steve' Nkumbi falling down stairs
  • Was pushed by her landlord who became angry after she checked out too late
  • Ms Nkumbi studying in Bern, Switzerland, and was in Amsterdam for exhibition
  • In an interview Sunday, Nkumbi said the landlord was verbally abusive and said 'you people' and 'this in not Africa' 
  • Nkumbi passed out after the fall and woke up in the hospital suffering from a concussion and bruises all over her body

A South African filmmaker who was seen in shocking video being pushed down the stairs by an enraged Airbnb landlord in Amsterdam on Sunday broke her silence, suggesting that the attack was unjustified and racially motivated.

Sibahle Nkumbi, who also goes by the name Steve, said in her first interview since the disturbing incident that she suffered a concussion and wants the man allegedly responsible for her injuries held to account, although she is skeptical it will ever happen.

Nkumbi acknowledged that she and her friends were late to check out but insisted that she did nothing to deserve being treated in such a brutal manner and argued that had she been white, things would have turned out differently.

It has since emerged that the man seen in the video hurling Nkumbi down the stairs could face an attempted murder charge.

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