Actress Rami Chuene’s character on The Queen‚ may be one of the most anticipated characters on a telenovela and the actress is ready prove why she deserved her role.

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As fans wait for the second season of the series‚ most are excited for Rami to make her debut.

“I am very excited about being on The Queen. I’m a fan of the show and have never missed an episode. So being part of it is one of the best things ever‚” she told TshisaLIVE.

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Fans of The Queen have come to know that the storyline has always seen Harriet Khoza (the matriarch of the Khoza family) come out victorious and reign supreme as the queen.

Rami has revealed that in the second season‚ things may be shaken up a little bit. The actress explained why she loves her character‚ Gracious‚ and why she is one to look out for.

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“She’s a business woman who comes to Jozi to expand her business and make more money‚ only to find that Harriet is running everything. So she wants it too. I like that she is over the top‚ does things in a very unconventional way. She’s very driven and goes all out to make things go her way‚” she said.

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The actress said that as a hardcore fan herself‚ she thinks fans will have a hard time deciding whether they love or hate Gracious.

“The followers will have a difficult time deciding whether to love or hate her. Everything she does is justified- well‚ according to her! I’m confused myself! As a hardcore fan I don’t know if I’ll love her or not. I personally distance myself from the character and will be tweeting commentary that is honest and fair as I watch with Twitter‚” she said.
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Rami scooped a role on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela after the actress started a social media challenge to have a role written for her as Brutus’s wife (character played by Themba Ndaba).

The social media challenge saw Rami get over 10‚ 000 retweets on Twitter with fans showing support for her to join the popular Ferguson Films’ production.

The Queen will be on the small screen Monday to Friday from July 31‚ on Mzansi Magic at 21:00.