THEY were known to be the best of friends. But now they have allegedly turned enemies.

Actresses Palesa Madisakwane and Winnie Ntshaba’s friendship allegedly ended on a sour note after a catfight this week. 

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According to sources, the two fought after Palesa discovered that Winnie had been seeing her now
ex-boyfriend, Nico Matlala, behind her back.

One source said the two BFFs were no longer on speaking terms.

“Winnie has been going to Nico’s place behind Palesa’s back,” said the source.

According to the source, Winnie met Nico through Palesa. 

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“Initially when they met, Winnie wanted sponsorship and business funding from Nico. Palesa being a Good Samaritan, introduced her to him,” said the source.

According to a second source, Palesa never anticipated her friend would end up spending more time with the businessman.

Said the second source: “Winnie’s Jetta has been parked at Nico’s house for the past two weeks, while she uses his red BMW. She comes at ungodly hours, and it seems more than just a business affiliation.”

According to reports this week, Nico ended things with Palesa because she was a control freak, and he said it was high time he dated women his age. 

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According to reports, Palesa had tried to commit suicide over the break-up, something she denied doing.

A third source said Palesa asked Winnie about the allegations, but she brushed them off, saying it was strictly business.

Winnie denied knowing Nico. When asked why she was driving his car, she said: “Call me later, I’m in a meeting.”

When asked if she was dating Nico, she hung up.

Palesa said: “Nico and I are not together anymore. He’s allowed to date whoever.” 

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Asked if she introduced Winnie to Nico, Palesa said: “Yes, I did,” before she hung up.

Nico said: “ a thing my brotherI know Winnie through Palesa, she was looking for a partnership regarding awards she was starting.”

He also denied claims Winnie had been using his car