It is no doubt that South Africa keeps on improving when it comes to film production. what is more interesting about films from South Africa is that they always tell a story about our lives as South Africans.

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From comedy to romance we all relate to the stories they tell. Most of the films have gained international recognition and won numerous awards.

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Here are 5 South African Films that are a must-watch, old or new, you’ll be equally entertained.

 Succesful and beautiful women who go through some hardships with their partners and are forced to take drastic decisions. This is a chick flick that can make any girl’s heart melt.

An American reporter (Samuel L. Jackson) and an Afrikaans poet (Juliette Binoche) meet and fall in love while covering South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings

A petty crook (Rapulana Seiphemo) builds a criminal empire in Johannesburg, but an escalating war with a drug lord and police pressure threaten to shut him down.

A medicine man is sent to the United States to find the son of the tribal king. He brings back an American golfer and a bunch of goons trying to keep the golfer in a tournament.

iNumber Number a gangster film, with an improvised moments created by actors Israel Makoe and Warren Masemola, who play characters named Skroef and G8 respectively. The moment is informed by the kinship between the characters, who meet up to plan a job.