Do you think you know everything that you need to know about Jack Mabaso’s wife, Nandi Mabaso whose real name is Brenda Mhlongo? 

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Today will be bringing you the ten interesting things that you probably didn’t know about the actress. 

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Nandi is known for her role on Generations The Legacy, she stays at a home for depressed adults. 

Here’s everything you need to know about her.
  1. Brenda Mhlongo is stage performer.
  2. She won two international awards for her role as Rafiki on The Lion King
  3. The awards are Broadway Spain award in the best actress and the best new artist
  4. Brenda is plays Nandi Mabaso on Generations The Legacy
  5. Her acting career started when she was 16 when she joined a theater company in KwaMashu
  6. She has been in the industry for long and she is quite passionate about her career
  7. On Generations The Legacy she is Sphe and Fana’s mother
  8. Brenda made her first debut on the soap opera earlier November
  9. She has been travelling the world with the stage show. She moved from Hong Kong to Germany
  10. Brenda also loves to sing, she can sing actually