Local musician and dancer Skolopad says that she will no longer be showing off her butt tattoo.

The local entertainer - who first caught our attention earlier this year at the Metro FM wearing a revealing yellow dress - debuted a more toned down look at the Durban July on Saturday.

Skolopad first arrived at the horse racing event wearing a tradition outfit inspired by Sotho culture, she later changed into a more glamorous dress. The singer refers to the transformation as the "rebirth of Skolopad."

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Speaking to The Juice she said: No more tattoo, because people get confused. Instead of looking at my talent, they want my tattoo. They must just see me being sexy. Not my tattoo." 

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The singer went on to say that she is currently working on new music, but it's difficult as she is paying for everything out of her own pocket.

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The people are hungry for Skolopad, but we are just waiting for sponsors to come on board. Right now everything we do comes out of my pocket. Out of my R7 000 salary," she said.

Take a look at Skolopad's style transformation here:

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