Zola 7 the show may be long gone, but Zola's giving spirit is still very much alive.

We remember a few years ago, huddling in front of our TV screens as a new episode of Zola 7 would air on SABC 1.

We were quite curious to see whose dreams Zola fulfill within a space of 3 days. A true super guluva from the hood who was open to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

That helping spirit is still very much instilled in him.

We recently came across a story on social media about a young lady who had the pleasure of meeting Zola and was in awe at how big of a heart the man still has.

The young lady who goes by a Facebook profile name of Situsile Mzukulu KaJantshi Mbatha shared how she bumped into Zola in Parktown and sparked up a conversation with him. The young lady, who is also a student, told Zola about her struggle to pay for her fees.

Zola immediately asked the girl how much she still owed and when she told him the amount he was willing to pay for the rest of the amount she owed.

Here's the full post of the young lady's encounter with Zola.