Zahara Serves Somizi With A Legal Warning Letter! Zahara is not letting Somozi go without a fight or at least an apology. After the singer didn’t receive an official personal apology from Somizi last week, she has gone the legal route to try and get one.

“He has received my letter but has still not responded. He hasn’t apologized or even called me. It was a letter both asking for an apology and warning him not to make jokes about me again,” she said.

Zahara says Somizi hurt her feelings and she didn’t expect that from someone she considered a friend. She says the issue could’ve have been solved if only Somizi had answered her calls.

“This has become a big issue that has dragged on for very long. He is my friend and I don’t want this to go on forever. I just want him to know that friends don’t speak about each other like that. If he was truly my friend he would not have said that,” the singer added.