Zahara is demanding a formal apology from Somizi for what he said about her at the Samas this past weekend.

Choreographer, radio and television personality Somizi Mhlongo claimed he had apologised to Zahara for the comment he made at the Samas on Saturday night.

Somizi asked the audience if Zahara was already at the bar, referring to reports last year about her being an alcoholic. The singer did not attend the Samas, but when she found out what Somizi said about her at the awards, she took to social media to express her frustrations.

“I only wish what I heard upon my return from Swaziland #BushfireFestival this past weekend about what Somizi said at the Samas is not true! Because if he did, I am suing Somizi and the Samas for defamation of character. I am tired of this,” she wrote on Instagram.

Now Somizi has apologised to the Country Girl hit maker, saying though he only mentioned her name and a bar and not alcohol, he was still sorry if the joke offended her.

“I did not mean to hurt or harm her. It was just a joke,” he was quoted as saying by The Sowetan. But Zahara told Daily Sun she did not receive a formal apology from Somizi.

“I saw something online about him apologising, but I still haven’t received an apology from him. How is ‘sorry, Zahara, it was just a joke’ an apology? Seriously?” she said.

She also told the publication she would serve Somizi with a letter of demand today. “I’m sending a letter of demand to him from my lawyers today. He has until the end of the week to make a formal apology to me. I’m not playing!” she added.