Vicky Momberg‚the woman who called a police officer the k-word‚ has been ordered to pay him R100 000 in damages.

The equality court sitting in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday found that Momberg’s utterances constituted hate speech.

The court ordered Momberg to make an “unconditional” written apology to Constable Clement Mkhondo‚to publish the apology on social media platforms and on the South African Human Rights Commission’s website.

The SAHRC was the second applicant in the matter.

Momberg was also ordered to attend equality sensitivity training offered by the SAHRC and to undergo community service.

Momberg‚who remained seated after the judgment‚could be heard crying and speaking on the phone.

Mkhondo also left the court room to make a phone call.

“Finally“‚ Mkhondo was heard saying.