When it comes to love, Nosipho’s (Nompilo Maphumulo) had more than her share of bad romance. She’s trying to rekindle her relationship with good-guy cop Mondli (Thembinkosi Thwala) on Thursday 8 June but “he keeps avoiding her and dragging his feet. Nosipho is in a good place at the moment and she wants a fresh start,” explains Nompilo. Being rejected sees Nosi packing her bags and moving out for good on Friday 9 June. “This girl is ready to start over and live a happier life – and on her own.”

Nosipho isn’t single for long though and she catches the attention of new cop Qhabanga (Siyabonga Shibe) on Monday 12 June while she’s walking back from the spaza shop. “A fancy car stops right in front of her and a hot guy steps out,” says Nompilo, but her character isn’t interested in getting involved with anyone after her overwhelming break-up. “Nosi tells him to get lost but Qhabanga keeps insisting on taking her out on a date,” says Nompilo. And it’s a surprise when Nosipho runs into him on Tuesday 13 June at the shesanyama that she waitresses at. “It’s no coincidence! He’s planned everything and he leaves his number and writes ‘call me’ on his bill, which spells out ‘I like you’,” explains Nompilo.

It takes two days of bugging but Nosi gives in and accepts Qhabanga’s offer of a date night on Wednesday 14 June. “She has the time of her life,” says the actress. It’s been a while since Nosipho let her hair down after she got into an emotionally abusive relationship with dodgy Amos (Ernest Msibi) who pimped her out in March 2017. Nosipho doesn’t want to rush into anything serious at the moment and “she doesn’t want Qhabanga to know that she was a prostitute as she’s scared that it will ruin their romance, like it did with Mondli,” says the actress.

Nosi enjoys Qhabanga’s company and they actually have great chemistry together. They’re smitten with each other by the time that Nosipho’s mom MaNgcobo’s (Dawn Thandeka King) wedding arrives on Friday 16 June and they go as a couple. “Nosipho doesn’t want to let her past get in the way of her future. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully this guy is a trustworthy,” teases Nompilo.