After we were shocked to find out that the Mseleku family pays R25,000+ for groceries only, we wondered how Musa Mseleku was able to provide for such a huge family all by himself.

Well, on this recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu we learned that every wife in the polygamous marriage also contribute financially in their own way.

MaCele and MaKhumalo assist in the ongoings of the family business, MaYeni is involved with teaching whilst MaNcwabe is a nurse.

What we also found interesting is that MaKhumalo is also a sort of Love Dr who gives relationship advice on Gagasi FM on a weekly bases.

These women sure do know how to hustle, which also brings a sense of relief to Musa because taking care of four wives and ten kids on one man's salary is no walk in the park.

In this episode, we also came to learn how compassionate the wives are also.

MaYeni assisted in providing new school uniforms to a school around the area whilst MaNcwabe provided groceries for a struggling family she's known for a while.

It was touching to see how the struggling family's poor living conditions affected MaNcwabe. After shedding a few tears MaNcwabe mentioned that she could not bring herself to looking around the family's house as it broke her heart even more.

MaNcwabe left the family with some groceries to help them through the months.

As always, Musa Mseleku is adamant on making good men out of his sons. In this episode, he taught his sons the importance of hard work and to be cautious about dating impregnating girls

Seriously, if there were more men like Musa the world would be such a better place.

Respect to the Mseleku family.