The most recent incident of an attempted kidnapping at Eagle Falls Spur in Johannesburg has exploded online.

If you missed it, watch the CCTV footage here.

Spur has released their statement on the incident, and this is what they had to say about it:

“The video footage was taken in Eagle Falls Spur in Johannesburg at the beginning of November 2016 and shows a customer picking up someone else’s child and walking towards the inside of the Spur to the table where he and his friends had been sitting. Eagle Falls Spur management immediately intervened and although the man insisted it was a practical joke, mall security was called and the case was reported to the police, however upon investigation the police chose not to prosecute.”

“The parents of the child were satisfied with the way Spur responded to the incident and the boy’s mother praised Spur’s management for the swift action they took. The family have been regular visitors to the Eagle Falls Spur since the incident.