Reality TV show Uthando Nes'thembu has fast become the latest hit on Mzansi Magic that everybody is obsessed with. Musa Mseleku has been described by his wives as being "firm yet loving" and being firmly entrenched as the King of the Mseleku kingdom.

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We spoke to his third wife, Thobile MaKhumalo who described Musa as a "respectful and truthful" husband.

MaKhumalo, who is 28 years old, helps to manage the various family businesses and is a weekly guest on Gagasi FM where she speaks about love, relationships and marriages.

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She said she met Musa when she was in high school and was very hesitant about his polygamy proposal.

"I met Musa way back and was still in high school. I lived in the same area and he proposed to me. I didn't agree. In my culture a guy has to propose and then wait for a long time. He was just one of many men proposing to me. I loved him but the polygamy thing was an issue."

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MaKhumalo said she took time to find out who Musa really was and if he would pop the question again. In other words, she made him work for it.

"I had to first see what kind of guy he was and needed to feel the love growing between us," she said.

She said she questioned him about how everything would work, two other wives already being ahead of her, and he asked her to trust him.

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"He said 'trust me. I love you and won't put you in danger.' Those words paralysed me and I fell in love with him".

She accepted his proposal in 2007 and he paid lobola in 2009.

MaKhumalo admits that the wives have disagreements but they realise they are there to build a family.

"If we have issues amongst ourselves we resolve them without involving Musa."

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So, what about sharing her man? MaKhumalo told us that when it is her turn she makes sure she has his undivided attention.

"There is no competition. He doesn't talk about his issues. It's me time. We have good sex and love. I'm in a happy marriage and proud of my husband."