Not content with taking over TV screens and radio airwaves, Thando Thabethe wants to dominate the fashion world with a new lingerie line.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about her master plan, Thando said that she was inspired to launch a line of sexy underwear after struggling to find anything to give her body "the right shape".

"I struggled to find any proper shape-fitting underwear locally and was having to import. Sure, you can find some but they often look like granny panties and I wanted something a little more sexy. So, the idea really comes from my own personal experience," Thando revealed.

Thando added that her range will accommodate "women of all sizes".

The range, called Thabooty's Underwear and Shapewear, will be manufactured internationally but sold across South Africa. Thando is hoping to launch the range by the end of July.

"It will be affordable for women but in order to do that we have to get it manufactured in China. If manufacturing prices go down and we become more successful, we will move it all to South Africa," she said.

So now everyone can have a Thabooty booty!

Guys, prepare yourselves...