Have you ever loved a soapie character so much, you actually thought you guys were related or that there was a potential relationship that would blossom between the two if you were ever to meet one day?

Neither have we, but we did have genuine love for a few characters throughout the years purely because they made the soapies that much more interesting and dramatic. So when they left the shows, we honestly couldn’t deal.

Here is a list of soapie deaths we’re still dealing with to this day:
Archie Moroka

Oh Archie and those gorgeous dreads of yours, why did Mfundi have to kill you off so suddenly. When Archie died we were sure that he was going to take Generations down with him, but we were wrong, Generations managed to do fine without him.
Catherine on Muvhango

Aus’ Catherine played by Mara Louw was our ultimate favourite on the show, she and her sister bought so much drama on Muvhango. After she left the show wasn’t quite the same, although it is still very successful.
Taylor on The Bold And The Beautiful

Wait, sorry, Taylor died and came back from the dead again after being saved by some Persian king called Omar…or was it Omo?

Anyway, her death really affected a lot of viewers back in the day, we thought Ridge Forrester was never going to survive her death, but Brook Logan was there to catch his tears.

Julia Motene on Generations

 Julia and her on-screen ex-husband Khaya Motene were suddenly involved in a fatal car accident that claimed both their lives. We weren’t really sad about losing Khaya, he was a bland character anyways but Julia, on the other hand, was the queen of drama on the show, next to Ntsiki Lukhele of course.

Which on-screen death affected you the most?