SYDNEY Ramakuwela (29) plays the role of a wealthy mayor in Muvhango, which is totally different from the life he led as a child.

“I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I never had new clothes and my school uniform was always a gift from my neighbours,” said Sydney.
His mum, Betty Ramakuwela, was a hawker.

“She always reminded me to work hard. She taught me to accept my circumstances before I could change them,” said the actor.
When he wasn’t helping his mum sell vegetables, Sydney acted with the Nzhelavhalimi Community Theatre group.

“Radio producer Dakalo Kwinda spotted my talent and got me to star in a radio drama on Phalaphala FM.”
Born in Tshitereke Village in Limpopo, Sydney auditioned for the role of Mulalo in Muvhango after matric.

He impressed the creator of the show, Duma ka Ndlovu, who called him to Joburg for a screen test.

He got a three month contract on condition that he carried on with his studies.
“I have a diploma in logistics from Unisa,” he said.

Sydney said the character he has been playing for more than 10 years has taught him to how to love and to remain calm.

The actor plans to work behind the scenes in the future.
“I can’t act forever. I’d love to direct so I can give back to my family on the