Watch! Somizi Explains Why He Prefers ‘White Malls’ To ‘Black Malls’! In a video posted on Instagram, Somizi jokes about the difference between the malls white people go to versus the malls black people go to.

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“I have discovered something. If you want privacy go to those malls, I call them white malls, those malls with mostly white people. There is something about white people and the toilet. I think they go on schedule… Go to black malls, oh lawd, the person who just came out will wait until you come out again just to make sure it is you,” Somizi says in the video.

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The video was however received with mixed reactions. With some finding it funny and some finding it offensive. Watch the video below.

“Just because you have money and are able to afford yourself and live in better places, you make jokes about the rest of blacks,” one frustrated fan commented. And another writing, “so now you want people to stop making jokes ngoba wena u broke. Aaaaai suka wena.”