Rapper Riky Rick and his wife Bianca say their relationship has worked over the years because of one main ingredient, friendship.

“We established a friendship first and then we started dating. That foundation of friendship let’s us enjoy each other’s company as both a couple and friends, and we can talk about anything,” Bianca tells DRUM.

Riky and Bianca have two kids Maik 2 and Jordan,7 and even though Riky is often performing at shows all over, Bianca has only been to a few of his shows.

“There are certain events he will ask me to be with him but, generally, I don’t gig with him,” Bianca says. “I think that’s good for our relationship because being exposed to that sort of thing might cause fights, which is unnecessary,” Bianca adds.

Bianca says she is more chilled to be at home with the kids and see Riky when he comes.