While most of us are familiar with starlet Petronella Tshuma for her breakout role in ‘Scandal!’; at home the fresh-faced beauty is thriving as a young millennial mom.
The 27-year-old actress is a proud mother to her nine-year-old son.
“Motherhood is so interesting because I’m so young. But it’s awesome, so I feel like I’m growing up with him. He is so independent and has a mind of his own,” Tshuma shares.

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“I can be a strict mom, but we have this relationship where we can just watch cartoons, laugh and be carefree.”
Tshuma’s career is currently peaking nicely with two big TV roles. For starters, she portrays vixen Lizzie on etv’s newest drama series Harvest airing Monday night at 9:30pm.
“I don’t actually watch TV, ever since I was young. I was always on the street playing. So to actually get people watching TV at 9:30 is a shock to me, especially in winter,” Tshuma says.

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Tshuma is also back in the soapie world. She just made her debut on Rhythm City, playing the new mysterious girl in town Pearl – with a close connection to Tina Jaxa and Jamie Bartlett’s characters.
“I cannot disclose how long I’m going to be there. I keep playing these characters that are very dodge. But I like playing daring characters,” she teases.
“2017 has been a blessed year. I have done two shows. I love travelling; I will be going to China in two weeks. I’m hoping for an even greater next half of the year.
“I like to do TV the first half of the year and then focus film for the rest of the year. I’m trying to get into theatre right now.”
Tshume has been acting since the age of seven. As early as 12 years old, she knew that she had chosen the right career path.
“I never chose it; I believe it was chosen for me by God. I’m very spiritual. So before I recognized the gift and love, God had already placed it,” Tshume insists.
“When I was young, I was very tall and skinny for my age. My grandma believed I was going to be a model or one of those pageant girls. But I never once thought that.
“I was very naughty and the one place where I felt like I belonged was the stage because I could be naughty, entertain people and not be judged. It just progressed from there.”