The department of correctional services has on Monday confirmed that images of strippers at Johannesburg’s Medium B prison in Naturena are real, but said the department was not aware of the strip show.

In a press conference, the department condemned the incident, and said it would investigate the matter and those found to be guilty would face the consequences.

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According to the findings on the preliminary investigation, the event was in line with June’s youth-month celebrations on June 21. There were external stakeholders involved.

“However, it transpired that the form of entertainment as depicted on social media was not approved and not in line with correctional services policies and procedures, which are clear in terms of appropriate clothing and behaviour inside the correctional environment,” the department said.

The department added there was a “clear” breach of security plans approved for the event, but some officials obviously decided to go against them. At least 13 officials are expected to be served with letters of contemplation of suspension.

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“On behalf of correctional services, we would like to apologise to the citizens of South Africa for this incident, which is indeed disturbing. We will make sure that those found to be guilty face the full consequences of their actions, and measures will be put in place to make sure similar incident do not happen again