Ouch! Dineo Ranaka Slams Fan Asking For Data! Whilst other celebs are being held for being random heroes on social media by giving some fans their requests from data to transport money and even cars, Dineo is not about that life.

The Metro FM host slammed a fan who asked her to bless him with some data saying she only works for her own kids and the youth should learn to earn a living on their own.

“Please bless me with earning your own living. Like people need to learn to just manage themselves…I work for MY children not peoples data,” Dineo tweeted in what seemed to have turned into a twitter rant.

Check out her tweets below.

This is not the first time Dineo turned down a fan’s request on twitter. Back in 2016, she infamously denied giving a fan one of her LUVDR dresses for Matric Dance.