Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has again taken to social media to criticise South Africa’s education system that seems to take away the “Africaness” of a black child.
During a diatribe against the global dominance of “white culture”, she went as far as to suggest that white people have exerted a very “violent effect” on South Africa, with the entire ethnic group known in South Africa as coloureds being one of the results.
In a series of tweets, Mazwai said it was embarrassing when grown black men speak broken English to try to impress when they can just speak their own languages.
Though one of her weaknesses was her inability to be fluent in her mother tongue, she was proud of herself because even the best white schools in the country had not won in trying to make her “worship whiteness”.
“I think education took the best part of me…..my Africaness [sic].”
The main problem with the education system was its failure to teach the black child about their history and heroes, according to the poet.
“Teach the black child about her own heroes….because white heroes don’t mean shit to us…even white celebrities mean dololo to u.
“Your white heroes are not my heroes….I have my own heroes,” she said.

Black people don’t worship Madonna and the Pope and want nothing to do with Pippa Middleton’s wedding or Ariana Grande, because “all these whites mean shit to us. We don’t care about them,” she said.

In fact, blacks “don’t recognise your white gods”.
White heroes, who are “trash” killed “my” people, and were further successful in dividing blacks and creating “superior” blacks, said Ntsiki.
“Kana white people killed Steve Biko…white people killed Chris Hani.”
They did not stop there, according to Mazwai, their “very violent effect” on black people is still evident today through the entire race of coloureds who are apparently a result of rape culture.
“We have a group called coloured who come from white men raping black women….so erm…about white people.”
She further slammed white people’s “overinflated sense of self-importance”, because the same whites were getting money in former president Nelson Mandela’s name, she alleged.
Many coloured people may take issue with the poet’s views, however, as several coloured-advocacy groups choose to trace their ancestry back to the indigenous South African Khoisan people, thus denying that their heritage is only down to a mixing of racial DNA between “Africans” and “Europeans”.
She was taken to task by some of her followers, and she hit back at one by saying that anyone saying whites didn’t rape blacks was “pretending”.

When Noel Barry-Wilson told her: “You think it’s constructive 2 demean the entire colored race including USA past president & all people left of middle on the grey scale?” she hit back that he was being idiotic and “stirring bullshit”.
He had earlier told her: “Why do you assume that the beautiful colored nation did not freely chose their partner & do not have any white mothers in their heritage?”
King Sankara told her not to insult “mix race relationships” while another follower mentioned Saartjie Baartman.