It’s one interview we’ve been patiently waiting for.
After she played her character as Naomi on Rhythm City, it seems as though Moshidi disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace. But according to her, she has been around all along.

In an interview on Real Talk with Anele, Moshidi opens up about her life like we’ve never seen before.

Here are a few things you might’ve missed from the interview:
She initially was not too fond of her Naomi character on Rhythm City

Moshidi felt quite disconnected from the character of Naomi because she was using too much English in the role but some advice from Jamie Bartlett inspired her to take a different approach to the character.
Moshidi found out about being pregnant whilst shooting on set

She opened up about finding out that she was pregnant on a shoot in an area called “Ocean View.” It was in the middle of a grueling film shoot and her first concern was whether or not her crew was going to make it out okay. Moshidi says that as soon as the shoot wrapped up, it became all about her baby.

She kept up with the 4:00am call time sand grueling shoot within the first few weeks of her pregnancy.

She now places the utmost importance in teaching her daughter that she is not a second-class citizen, that she has every right to be selfish and that she doesn’t need to seek external validation of her beauty and her intelligence.

Moshidi also wishes to teach her daughter what her brother taught her, “When it doesn’t feel right to you, forget it. And don’t compromise (on who you are).”
The actress is very passionate about literature

Her mom was a school principal which lead to her passion for reading. Her passion for reading also led to her studying African Literature at Wits.

There was an opportunity for her to go to America for drama and though her mother couldn’t afford it, a stranger, whom she still has not met, sponsored her entire trip.

“I will always rely on the kindness of strangers because there are kind strangers in this world,” said the actress.

Moshidi does not have a Twitter or an Instagram account.