Actress And Women’s Right Activist Mmabatho Montsho spoke of the passion she has for challenging social issues such as gender inequality and social injustices. She is currently campaigning against discrimination based on gender roles. Mmabatho said that her “youth experiences” in the industry are why she is encouraged to head such campaign.

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“I experienced barriers based on matters such as gender, earnings, budgets and not being allowed to tell stories except those female related.” Montsho stated that she believes women have the potential to tell men’s stories with the same vigor and intensity as their male counterparts.

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Mmabatho is also a producer, director, script and screen writer and an online content producer. In one of her productions she illustrates matters about gender in a patriarchal society, it is a short film titled The Groom’s Price which interrogates gender and tradition through the practice of Lobola.

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Mmabatho concluded by saying that why is it that males can tell any story while female are restricted to their own?