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LOL! Somizi Hilariously Sings ‘Lion Of Judah’

LOL! Somizi Hilariously Sings ‘Lion Of Judah’! Some people are just born to be entertainers and you recognize them because they don’t try too hard at what they do. Somizi is one of them and he never disappoints.

What does a busy star like Somizi do when he’s bored? He hilariously sings popular songs with funny Snapchat filters. Somizi tackled one of the biggest gospel songs of the past year. He might not have gotten people in spirit as the original singer does but he definitely got many people laughing.

With over 200 thousand views on both videos combined, it’s easy to see why Somizi is loved that much. Check out the videos below.
A post shared by Somizi (@somizi) on

A post shared by Somizi (@somizi) on

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