LOL! Bob Mabena Admits His Father Was A Ben 10! We’re not sure how Mr Mabena senior would feel about his son airing his love life like that but it sure is a great story about how the radio legend found out that his father was older than his mother.

“I did the numbers and I found out that my father was a Ben 10 and it kind of made sense why the relationship was so volatile. It was really one of those Mr and Mrs Smith relationships,” Bob said in a recent interview on Cliff Central.

Mabena went on to explain how his father enjoyed being ‘macho’ because he dated an older woman whilst his mother was ‘annoyed’ that she loved a younger man.

“They hated to love each other, and I think she was really miffed at the fact that she really liked this young guy and he had this bravado thing, this macho thing that he could bed an older woman than him, who had gone further to school than he had,” Mabena revealed.

All we have to say is Bob Mabena’s parents definitely belonged to this generation.