Lerato Kganyago could not contain her excitement and pride over buying her dream home.
Taking to social media recently Lerato shared the news with fans.

"I had to put so many things on hold this year so I could reward myself with a home I've always dreamed of!!!! So grateful!!!," she said.

Lerato added that the many sacrifices she had to make were worth it.

"I honestly hardly sleep, my body shuts down here and there, but my love & passion for everything I do keeps me going," she said.

Lerato joins the pack of local female celebs who are owning their thrones as independent women.

Just a few days ago Khanyi Mbau revealed that she bought her first sports car without any help from a man.

"For the first time in my life, I bought myself a sports car without the help of any man," she said.

Yaasss kweens!