Lerato And Bonang Send A Hater Packing With Savage Clap Back! Lerato Kganyago and Bonang Matheba teaming up to put a twitter troll in his place is exactly why we feel like we missed out on them not hosting a radio show together.

Both stars are successful media personalities in their own right and some men find it intimidating although they’d call it something different.

One twitter user decided to let the both ladies know that he’d never consider dating them because they’re too independent for his ego as a man. “I like my women humble,” he tweeted.

Both Bonang and Lerato clearly had time as they had the same responds to the troll, basically, they too wouldn’t want a man like him.

“It’s fine! WE don’t want to get married to a man with a low self esteem either!,” Lerato responded. Bonang also replied saying, “Ha re go batle, so… Have a lovely evening.”