Apparently, if you cut yourself now, it would take only 48 hours for your skin to repair itself.

Following a backlash over her “pink” skin, actor, radio presenter and model Khanyi Mbau has opened up about the benefits of the procedure in an interview with Phat Joe on East Coast Radio on Monday.

Mbau said though she has been lightening her skin for the past six years, the picture she posted last week was not an accurate reflection of her skin colour, as it was overfiltered.

She said people have been noticing the change in her complexion but did not know how to start a conversation about it, so that picture was a way for people to finally say what they had been afraid to say these past years.

“I think it is a picture that was overfiltered, and people assumed that was the colour of my skin. They found it very interesting, number one, it’s always been a question, people weren’t strong enough to come and ask me why I was getting lighter and lighter each year.

“Eventually that picture opened up a conversation, and now people come directly at me and say ‘she’s bleaching’, though she has been open about it for the past six years. Now people found an angle to come at me, that picture gave them the liberty to go aha!”

On why she was lightening her skin, Mbau said there was “something about a woman who looks brighter”, further sharing the benefits of skin lightening.

With lightening, which is what she is doing, all the doctors use is your body tissue. According to Mbau, the process boosts your immune system “so you don’t get a cold”.

It helps you repair yourself quicker than before. “If you had to hurt yourself now and cut yourself with a knife, it would heal in 48 hours instead of 14 days.” It is anti-ageing and makes her look rested all the time even though she is exhausted.

For Mbau, it’s a quick fix that also saves her money, as she won’t have to buy expensive creams for her skin.

“I found love to this, and the reason I’m doing this is a study through myself and hopefully I can open clinics like this one day but it’s a personal choice I’ve been doing.

“What’s wrong about wanting to look sexy for myself?”