Karabo Mokoena , the young woman that has been on the news lately for falling victim to violence and dying shamefully is believed to have been murdered as a sacrifice of a ritual. She was allegedly murdered by her 27-year old boyfriend Sandile Monstoe. Police have came out and said that they believe Mokoana’s murder was none other than a ritual killing.

Sunday World revealed all that they leant during the research and investigation on the murder of Karabo. They stated that Sandile and Karabo allegedly performed a ritual at a Joburg Church where they swapped blood to unite spiritually and to strengthen Montoe’s business.

The church’s pastor said he was not aware of the alleged ritual performed by the couple.

“There are no cultic activities in my church. I’m shocked by those things. If they were performed, then they were not performed at my church,” he said.

Karabo’s uncle, Tshepo, stated how shocked he was by the allegations. “All we know was that Karabo had accepted God in her life before her death. We as a family don’t know that Karabo was a member of that church and have no idea of any ritual that was performed,” he said.

Montsoe had a Ghanaian Sangoma who is believed to also have been part of Karabo’s death but died shortly after the media went buzzing about her murder.
Montsoe mentioned that Karabo was suicidal and that she would have committed suicide anyway after they had their last argument in his Sandton apartment.

Another shocking revelation is that Monstoe is married to a 33 year old woman whose name is withheld. The woman is from Lusikiki, Eastern Cape. The police are in a process to take a woman’s statement.

Karabo’s uncle Tshepo dismissed allegations that Karabo was Mantsoe’s side girlfriend and that she knew he was married but still got involved with him.

“Karabo would not have agreed. The family would not have approved of her relationship with him had they known that he was married.”

The new investigating officer, Captain Radebe, is working hard to find the house in which the Ghanaian sangoma was living, and search it, with the hope that they would find human body parts since it is believed that Karabo’s death might have been a sacrifice for ritual killing.

All of this information is expected to be presented to the Johannesburg Magistrate Court this coming Friday (09 June 2017) to oppose Montsoe’s bail application.