Danie Odendaal Productions has announced that 7de Laan's Oubaas will be hanging up his snor.

Pierre van Plezten, who's brought Oubaas to life since 7de Laan first debuted in 2000, will be out of the action from August.

You may have noticed that his departure has already started on-screen, reflected through the credits. Pierre used to be credited as starring cast but most recently he's been credited as a call actor.

Word from the soapie is that he'll still visit from time to time and won't be written out through death or divorce.

He's not going to divorce Hilda (Annelisa Weiland) so we're holding thumbs he doesn't take a second wife and move in with her because we're over the endless TV polygamy storylines in which the men get lucky instead of the other way round. Let's hope it's Hilda who does the dirty instead.

Wherever they take Oubaas in the plot, the one thing that's certain is that Pierre's daily routines will be very different from what they've been over the past 17 years.

His final appearances will be in the week of 7 to 11 August.