Reigning Miss SA Demi-Leigh Nel Peters who was involved in a hijacking late Wednesday night, says that her hijackers had at least three guns pointed at her during the attempted hijacking.

“I saw them approaching me, three to my left and another on the other side, and I knew by their eyes what they were coming to do. I was petrified but prepared for what was coming,” Demi-Leigh told TshisaLive earlier today.

“I had at least three guns pointed at me. I climbed out of the car but they told me to climb back in because I was coming with them,” she said.

Demi then hit one of the attackers in the throat and that’s what helped her escape.

“He was dazed and pushed me into the car. I forced my way out and ran as fast as I could into traffic to get help,” she said.

After that she ran across to try find help, which didn’t come.

“I was this young girl running in heels towards cars asking them for help and nobody would help me. The first 30 or 40 cars I approached all ignored me. Then this lady opened her door and let me in. I told her that I had been hijacked and she took me to a safe place,” Demi said.

Demi then returned to the crime scene later with the police and security guards. She found her car and some belongings still in the car.