Winnie Khumalo has opened up about how making a decision to renew her commitment to God has improved her health and made things clearer for her thanks to the support from Pastor Mboro.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE‚ Winnie said she feels her health reports were “exaggerated” and even though at the time she wasn’t “100%‚” she feels much better at the moment.

“People get sick all the time. I am a black woman that works too hard and‚ yes my health wasn’t 100%‚ but I am so much better at the moment‚” she said.

Winnie explained that she attributed a huge part of her improved health to her improved spiritual life.

She joined Pastor Mboro’s church and prayer program earlier this month and she said that she has “made a conscious decision” to attend church despite her busy schedule.

“At first I was scared‚ you know‚ the papers portray Mboro in a negative way mostly‚ but when I got there I was welcomed‚ comfortable and I loved their worship music. I decided to give Mboro a chance and I have learned so much‚” she said.

The singer told TshisaLIVE that she feels that her spiritual growth is changing her life for the better but she will not neglect going back to the doctors.

“I am not a doctor‚ so I’ll wait for them to tell me what I need‚ but I really feel so much better and I also feel like things are falling into place for me. I am doing community outreach programs with Mboro and almost done with my upcoming album‚” she said.

The musician was diagnosed with ulcers and later found out she has an abscess that has to be surgically removed.

She is determined to work towards having a clear bill of health so she can continue to “minister” to the world through music.